Fernanda Marques Architecture

Contemporary Architecture and Decoration

A graduate of the prestigious Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of São Paulo, FAU USP, Fernanda Marques’ career follows the same conceptual line that characterized her formative years: the integrated exercise of the various disciplines.

Architecture, Interiors and Product Design are among the areas of activity of his office located in Vila Olímpia, in São Paulo. In all of them, the maintenance of a single style: clean and contemporary, in tune with the best of international art and design.

National and International Residential Projects

A reality attested to in homes in Malibu and Barbizon, São Paulo, New York, Miami, London and Lisbon. From paradisiacal houses by the sea to large real estate developments. From showrooms for renowned brands – such as Ermenegildo Zegna, John John and L’Occitane – to successful participation in the main Brazilian interior design exhibitions.

Notable awards throughout his career

Through a multidisciplinary attitude, combined with a renewed appetite for the new, makes Fernanda Marques one of the main names operating on the national and, more recently, international scene. A reality, in fact, attested by major international recognition granted to the architect.

Over the last decade, the office has won dozens of awards, including A’ Design Awards, Americas Property Awards, iF Awards, IDA Design, RDI – Retail Design, Acquisition International Awards (global excellence awards), Acquisition International Awards (the voice of modern business), Latin and South America Business, Master Real State Estate Award, New Word Report 2020 Awards – South America Business and Design & Build Awards.

Motivation for new things reflected in product design

Product design is now a growing area in the architect’s portfolio. Initially motivated to create furniture to compose her interior projects, Fernanda today puts her signature on a wide category of products: from furniture to cement coverings. From jewelry to ceramic pieces.

Our crowned products were the Geomorph bench, Banco Infinito, Coleção Tumbira, Cuba Infinity, Synapsis line and the jewelry line for Griffith; in residential areas we had the Casa Jabuticaba, Malibu, Limantos, Fazenda Boa Vista, Vista Residence, Tavarua, Eretz, Groenlândia, Bucareste, Panorama, London Penthouse, and in other categories the John John store, the Ermenegildo Zegna office, Chef’s Kitchen Lounge (Casa Boa Mesa), Garage Lounge Multipurpose Space (Casa Black) and Living Goes Rock Too (Casa Black) and finally , the Brazilian Financial Center.

An avid collector and supporter of Contemporary Art, she was a member of the Acquisitions Committee at the Tate Modern gallery, in London, for Latin America.


The team

With eyes and ears attentive to the world around them, our team is made up of talented hands. Together they transform dreams, passions and lifestyles into physical works that give new meaning to the concepts of housing.

From seaside buildings to real estate developments, our team designs the most varied projects, but always in search of creativity and excellence, at its maximum.

Meet our collaborators


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