In her most recent work, architect and designer Fernanda Marques, in collaboration with the Brazilian metallurgical company Mekal, specialized in the production of stainless steel components, continues her research work aiming to apply the material in the production of contemporary designed furniture.

More than a bench, Organic is a seating system, which starts from the architect’s reflections on kinetic art, extending throughout the space, through the use of one or more units.

Banco Organic: where kinetic art and steel innovation converge

Designed as a single piece, each of its components fits together, through its sinuous lines, to its front and back units, thus incorporating the idea of ​​movement into the final design of the furniture. Thanks to its construction, the furniture can be used inside or outside the house, abolishing boundaries between inside and outside.

Custom-made, Organic is made up of 07 independent and interconnectable modules, each weighing around 20 kg. Strictly speaking, consistent with the project concept itself, there are no limitations on the number of units that can be attached to each part.

Stainless steel transcending traditional construction

Made up of manually folded stainless steel blades, with internal welding and coating in MDF wood and a brushed exterior finish; Each of its modules has its own continuity condition imprinted in its design.

For Mekal, the metallurgy responsible for its production, it was the first time that steel, a highly resistant material whose use is almost restricted to the construction sector, was used in the manufacture of furniture. “They never imagined seeing steel treated like a sheet of paper, capable of producing folds with a great plastic effect”, says Fernanda Marques.

For the architect, few materials are as contemporary as stainless steel. In addition to being, among the materials used in civil construction, one of those that least affect the environment. “It is 100% recyclable, that is, after reaching the end of a long service life, it can still be reused countless times, without losing quality”, says Fernanda.