The EastSide of New York. The modern 220 m2 apartment, in the first building to be converted into a residential building in the city (the emblematic Barbizon) was just the starting point for Fernanda Marques’ first project in the Big Apple, after her first international commercial forays. From the original plan, nothing remained as it was, and the Brazilian architect kept the ceiling relatively low and with its exposed beams, instead of designing a traditional plaster ceiling to standardize everything, which is considered strange by local architects. “I took over the beams!”, says the architect. Immaculately off-white, the space was designed around the idea of ​​new versus old, like the antique wood flooring throughout the apartment, finished in a matte resin.

An eclectic project that focuses on art

The client – ​​who had already commissioned Fernanda’s other projects in Brazil – displays his passion for art, music and wine in the apartment. “He is bold, athletic and young at heart”, says Fernanda, who brought the 3 guitars that occupied the entire wall in one of the bedrooms to the living room, “to give them a prominent role in the environment, since he plays the instrument” – a piece of gossip: one of them was from Van Halen. Wine bottles are stored in a large wine cabinet, housed in a long hallway in front of the generous kitchen counter. On the walls, important names in Brazilian art who have gained international renown: Vik Muniz, OsGemeos, who were brought to paint the wall, a portrait of expatriate immigrants. In short, an eclectic and personal combination of art and practical life, which forms the client’s lifestyle.

From the gallery (the entrance hall is shaped like a gallery) art reigns over the apartment. The other spaces – the living room, master suite, guest bedroom, office and also the kitchen – speak to each other, integrated by openings and the use of many photographs. The furniture came mainly from Italy, with some pieces acquired at auction houses such as Christies’. One of the highlights is the polished stainless steel armchair by Israeli designer Ron Arad, with its sculptural form full of boldness. Vintage light fixtures add warmth to the space, with its huge wooden dining table seating twelve.

The Italian etched glass doors run delicately, as do the white linen curtains that the new areas required. They were in the carefully thought out brief, from a client who knew exactly the result he wanted for the project, which took a year to complete. This meant that Fernanda led the project with the requested touch: an absolutely contemporary look, punctuated by unique pieces, something not often seen or widely explored in our interior architecture projects.