The proposal for a condominium residence in the city of São José dos Campos, for a young couple with young children, arose from the request for a home for life.

This is the scope that Fernanda Marques’ project encompasses; With almost 1400 square meters, a broad program was designed and implemented for housing and use by the owners.

The large residence had a metal structure, which allowed for thinner, thinner slabs, giving greater lightness to the horizontal slabs, and noble materials.

One of the striking elements of the architectural project is the integration of the interiors with the exterior, the house opens to the garden, enhancing the environments of the residential program.

The entrance route is through a garden and the intimate area is located on the upper floor, while the social area is on the ground floor, together with the terrace, designed to receive friends and family, focusing on coexistence with nature.

Architectural project that prioritizes family life

As for the program, it brings together the usual environments for a family. Privileged for children, the toy library is related to the common area. Also included are a gym area, two home theaters, one associated with the living room and the other on the upper floor.

In the intimate area, the master suite faces a preservation area and the other bedrooms overlook vista to the pool. The elements in nature are always present in the project, whether through gaps in the structure to pass through the garden, or through the vistas for the landscape.