The project for the Business Financial Center on Avenida Paulista is the result of the victory of the firm Fernanda Marques Arquitetura in a competition to renovate the lobby. It was awarded Best of Year 2022 in the large commercial lobby + amenity space category.

Quite honored with the privilege of designing on the iconic axis paulistano, Fernanda developed an elegant and sophisticated lobby, whose facade is a portico that faces the avenue. in which light and rhythmic lines are the design’s mainstay. Inspired by the art and landscape of the avenue itself, with its aligned buildings, and by the movement of people, cars and lights, the architect defined elements that bring alternation in rhythms, light, full and empty.

At the entrance, the portico presents as it passes a set of lights that change in the typography of the name of the space, lines of light and a map showing where we are and the surrounding area. Opening in the large lobby, an inspired light sculpture on its ceiling that Fernanda presents us with, which recalls the light structure by the artist Lucio Fontana for the IX Milan Triennale in 1951, which had its reconstruction authorized by the Lucio Fontana Foundation for the Museo del Novecento, in Milan, Italy. Fernanda reinterprets the movements of light, cars, people; a strong identity of the city of São Paulo and, above all, of Avenida Paulista. The use of materials with noble references is striking in the project, defining a sophisticated and luxurious atmosphere, but without excess. Light reflection is enhanced by the sometimes light and sometimes dark finishes, combined with the insertion of metallic shafts, in matte gold and bronze.

On the mezzanine, the offices that face the atrium received tinted glass film, on the ground floor the accesses were regularized with porticos and a suspended garden combines artificial and natural vegetation, and crowns the space, together with a sculptural staircase that allows access to the floor. higher. The Business Financial Center impacts its access due to the beauty of the atmosphere that the compositions of materials and light provide to the space, as well as the organization of accesses and exits, reconciling different businesses and companies in the same space. It is an atrium for passage and, at the same time, for meeting and contemplation, like the historic galleries and covered spaces found in major international capitals.