Severe, compact, brutalist, this project reflects well the profile of the architecture produced by one of the masters of the São Paulo school of architecture, Vila Nova Artigas. The current corporate headquarters of an international fashion brand, the building, with an area of ​​around 480m2, summarizes, like few others, the simultaneously traditional and contemporary spirit of the company that currently occupies it.

“I could not remain unaware of these realities”, says architect Fernanda Marques, responsible for the current project to restructure the property. “I have rarely come across such demanding clients, with such good taste and architectural refinement”, declares Marques, faced with the challenge of developing interiors suitable for the functioning of a modern corporation. But also at the height of the architecture of the genius master.

As it is a listed building, there were still many restrictions on modifications to the project. “We had to rack our brains to adapt the new program to internal changes. It was important not to lose the “link” with the architecture, for this reason, we kept the exposed concrete on the ceilings and opted for white resin flooring to unify all environments”, explains the architect.
Adopting glass partitions as a way to define the different internal sectors was the way found to allow natural lighting to penetrate the environments in a homogeneous and balanced way. Furthermore, to increase light control, blinds were attached to the glass sheets.
Equally austere, furniture with straight lines and simplified design evokes the modernist spirit of the building. As a counterpoint, the contemporary copper chandeliers, by Englishman Tom Dixon, adorn the entrance hall and the tropical freshness of a green wall, located right at the reception. Injecting color and vibrancy into workdays.