DOnly the structure remained from the original project: pillars, beams and slabs that were duly incorporated into the restructuring project undertaken by São Paulo architect Fernanda Marques, during two years of construction. “It is an ideal house: spacious, bright, comfortable and practical. Suitable both for welcoming friends and for enjoying intimate moments with family”, she comments.

In essence, a contemporary project, with around 750m2 of built area, which uses practical and functional solutions to meet the busy daily lives of a business couple and their two children. In total there are 4 suites, living room, home theater, fitness room, other service facilities, as well as a large outdoor garden.

With abundant dense natural lighting and total communication between internal and external areas. All thanks to a glass skin that covers a large part of the internal facades and is independent of the concrete structure. An integration also present in the interiors, where articulated doors guarantee fluidity between environments.

Ample space to receive guests and respect for private environments

In line with the clean and minimalist style of the decoration, the finishing materials favor light tones and natural materials, presented almost without finishing. This is the case, for example, with travertine marble _which covers the main living floors_ and wood that performs a similar function in the bedrooms.

A careful choice was also observed in relation to the furniture that makes up the decoration: most of them are pieces of contemporary Italian design, with straight lines and well-defined shapes, covered (or constructed) in natural materials, such as wood and silk, with their highlighted textures that are always pleasant to the touch.

Finally, the distribution over two floors made it possible to completely sector the functioning of the house, with the upper floor being reserved for private areas (suites) and the ground floor for social activities and service and leisure spaces, such as the single-lane swimming pool.