Multifunctional apartments with sophistication and luxury

The façade full of curves is a distinctive feature of the Cyrela by Pininfarina building, built on the outskirts of Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima, one of the most important commercial and business arteries in São Paulo.

Designed to serve a differentiated clientele, made up of executives, singles, young couples and people interested in having a second home in the city, the tower will have 92 apartments, measuring 46 to 95 m². Thus, based on the building’s concept, which focuses on dynamism and attention to detail, the architect designed this 47 m² multifunctional studio, based on sinuous furniture and a minimum of partitions. Among the finishes, wood and marble stand out, present, respectively, in the headboard and in the balcony furniture: pieces that make direct reference to the main lines of architecture.

“Compatible with the bold lines of the building, which bears the signature of one of today’s leading Italian design offices, with the reduced dimensions of its floor plan, without giving up the atmosphere of sophistication and luxury that characterizes its residential interiors, was the architect’s main challenge. in interior design.