A generous armchair. A piece of furniture that exceeds the function of simple seating to address the issue of welcoming. Whether in the living room, in the dorm, or wherever your “friendly” presence becomes necessary. So is Maxx, a piece, at once, soft and solid, legitimate member of the newest furniture collection created by architect and designer Fernanda Marques for Breton.
Initially developed to compose the brand’s showcase in its showroom in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Maxx soon gained autonomy. Thanks, of course, to their very particular design design, in which design and comfort go hand in hand. “Each curve was, in fact, designed to adapt to body shapes, ensuring exceptional comfort conditions. This is not only seen, but felt”, highlights Fernanda.

Fundamental in the final configuration of the object, as much as its organic contours and the superior softness of its upholstery, the coating fabric was a carefully studied item. “Starting from a very sensory approach, I needed to find a variety that would attract the eye, but also invite the touch, providing me with extreme comfort,” sums the designer.