Connection with nature: sophisticated apartment with an elegant touch to contemplate the greenery

“Softness is an inseparable trait of the project we carried out for the common areas of the Park View building, in the heart of Vila Nova Conceição. In line with the contemporary profile of the development, raw rocks, water, wood and raw materials dear to traditional oriental architecture, actively participate in the design of the interiors, producing unexpected and, more than ever welcome, moments of breathing and contemplation.

In the social and intimate areas of the decorated apartment, it is the skyline paulistano, highlighting all the greenery of the neighborhood and its surroundings, which appears sovereign. Strategically positioned, and without ever exceeding a limit height, light furniture, sometimes hollow, allows full view of the landscape.

Finally, through materials with highlighted textures, especially rocks and wood, the aim was to expand, as much as possible, the continuity between inside and outside. Between the natural and the built. Averse to any excess, I think this is a project that pursues a very effective concept of elegance. The one that is born from the essential.”