A 400 m² penthouse, in the elegant neighborhood of Vila Olímpia, has been, since 2005, the headquarters of Fernanda Marques’ creative studio, in São Paulo. In a permanent process of re-elaboration, her project has always sought to remain faithful to the architect’s style, mirroring her main motivations over the years. Completed this year, its current configuration is no exception.

“From the beginning, I chose to make my office a translation of my personal and work style. Hence, of course, the more minimalist approach, as it happens in my house. Within this approach, each piece has its reason for being. There are no excesses. Nothing is free”, says Fernanda, who closely followed each stage of the space’s assembly.

Thus, distribution follows simple but precise rules: on one side, the board, on the other, the rooms reserved for the various work teams. Among them, rooms reserved for meetings. Installed just outside the elevator hall, a service desk in grigio marble, naturally textured, organizes the flow and welcomes visitors.

In order to make the most of natural light and, at the same time, provide all employees with permanent contact with the landscape, there are practically no internal partitions in the office. Only glass panels, equipped with motorized blinds, can isolate rooms when privacy is necessary.

The general atmosphere is sober, without being dour. Elegant, without looking old fashion. Taken as a base covering, Shou Sugi Ban wood appears at different times: lining the entrance hall, composing doors, tops and cabinets. In a solution of continuity, the furniture has a clean design and coverings in lowered tones, from gray to black.

Neutral and functional in practically all office spaces, the furniture gains greater expression only in the meeting and board rooms. There, the Serra line tables, designed by the architect, with their more organic lines and constitution that intersperses Shou Sugi Ban wood and sections of rock, take center stage.

A space for common use – with open access to both employees and management – ​​a large communal terrace emphasizes ties with the city of São Paulo. There, a living space, assembled with furniture resistant to the external environment, designed by the Italian Paola Lenti, invites you to long moments of relaxation and contemplation.