A match between interactivity, landscaping and brand presence

Fernanda Marques’ project for the new facade of the L’Occitane store, in Jardim Paulistano, transforms the entrance of the French store into a large reception atrium. More than delimiting a commercial space, the proposed solution offers customers and passersby a real possibility of interaction; with a vegetation cover as a backdrop, which functions as an authentic portico: lively and alive, in front of which visitors and curious people can mingle and interact.

Fresh and inviting, a continuous green wall rises along the entire length of the facade, interspersed only by gigantic orange banners in the same shade as its logo, which end in small awnings over the windows, reinforcing the brand’s presence. Water mirror, tables equipped with umbrellas, also in the same tone, and wooden folding chairs complement the ambiance.

“The idea was to literally occupy the front area of ​​the store, through a facade that functioned, at the same time, as a visual and constructive element of the space”, says the architect, who also points out a strategic function for the garden surface. According to her, the green roof, strongly vertical, not only gives uniformity to the surface, but also helps direct pedestrians’ eyes to the products displayed in the windows. The facade aims not only to demarcate the store space, but to create an urban corner, combining the public and the private, the vertical and the horizontal. It is a gift to the city and, what is better, it is constantly reinventing itself. It is, in short, a kinetic façade. Permanently changing”, concludes Marques.