Across the globe, more than an exhibition area serving one of the largest manufacturers of sanitary ware in the world, Roca Galleries aim to be an interactive space where the customer is invited to share a truly unique visual and interactive experience.

This is the case, for example, in London, where the company’s showroom, with water as its theme, was entirely developed by Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize (considered the Nobel Prize for architecture) in 2004.

Around here, it couldn’t be any different. Taking place on the emblematic Avenida Brasil, in São Paulo, a complete project for the brand, signed by architect Fernanda Marques, has just come out of the oven. Equally innovative, a proposal that, by focusing on the natural biodiversity of the Atlantic Forest, will certainly place the Brazilian gallery on the list of its famous international sisters.

Fernanda’s interest lies in the fact that the Brazilian ecosystem is one of the biomes with the greatest diversity of plant and animal species on the planet, which makes its preservation even more urgent. A fact that is sometimes not taken with due gravity by Brazilians.

“As in a sanctuary, with this huge glass box, I intend to suggest that we are in front of a precious and delicate asset that justifies all our care and attention, thus creating the ideal setting to present the company’s collections”, points out the architect from São Paulo.

At the interface between architecture and landscape, the project intends to present, in addition to a vigorous screen printing work on the panels that delimit the construction volume – focusing on the forest itself – areas of lush green walls inside the showroom; suggesting integration between external and internal spaces.

“The forest acts as a defining element of the facade and also shapes the interior space of the showroom and the dynamics of product display”, she says, which also adds to the project the presence of many pieces of Brazilian furniture. Including one of his most famous creations: the banco Infinito, in wooden version.