Chic casualness sets the tone in John John interiors

Stripped chic. This is the concept of this project developed for the John John brand, which with 50 stores spread across Brazil, portrays the urban sophistication of a 100% Brazilian brand. To match the brand’s exclusive and curated mix of clothes and accessories, the architect imagined an eclectic and creative setting, well suited to the brand’s demanding customers. Vintage furniture, fun toy art and objects removed from their original context embody the brand’s contemporary feel. Thus, right at the entrance, an ebonized wooden tunnel displays the brand’s logo in a unique and differentiated way.

The joinery and ambiance emphasize the lowered tones, while the colors appear to highlight specific details. The lighting project by designer Guinter Parschalk highlights the architectural references of the environment, accentuating, in an indirect and subtle way, the brand’s identity.

To guarantee the desired atmosphere for the setting, all possible entrances of natural light into the stores were closed off using curtains or films. The stores’ interior design reflects the brand’s chic simplicity. Technological materials with sophisticated finishes, amid fun objects, give a vintage chic tone to the space.

Covered windows, little light and strategically focused lighting make the consumer feel like they are in a night club. The stores’ design concept refers to the brand’s chic simplicity.