Cozy climate and care for light

Transform the space into a chic little market, where customers have the opportunity to browse their finds. This was the concept applied to the 280m² store, from Rosa Chá, at Oscar Freire. The furniture invites self-service and the products were arranged to facilitate access and encourage purchases.

The raw walls, fabrics and worn carpets, as if they were second-hand, give a stripped and at the same time unpretentious look to the ambiance, while the lighting highlights racks and points of interest.

Pendant vases and walls that have received layers of diluted lime make the store even more welcoming, making any customer feel as if they were rummaging through their closets at home. The entire project was designed to facilitate customer access to products.

Lighting received special attention to highlight points of interest. A side alley allows natural light to penetrate the space throughout the day.
Rustic finishes, whitewashed walls and furniture and accessories that refer to the past give the store a cool and at the same time unpretentious look.

References to the hippie, pop and folk universe allow the client Rosa Chá feel more comfortable, better welcomed. Crates and supports facilitate access to products. This way, customers can rummage through finds, in a kind of chic “garimpo”.