A wooden ceiling is a component capable of adding a suggestive atmosphere to any interior project. Furthermore, if said solution is found not in a country house, but on the eighth floor of an urban building, with vista to Ibirapuera Park, located in one of the most noble areas of São Paulo.

Adding value and an unparalleled feeling of lightness, it is, without a doubt, an element with enough potential to become a reference point in the composition of one, or more, environments. But, as long as it is clear from the beginning that his presence will have definitive effects on the perception of the entire area covered by him.

Spacious, bright, with open and multifunctional spaces. This is the social area, the entrance to this elegant 480m² apartment, almost entirely redesigned by Fernanda Marques. In it, oak wood covers the entire ceiling, while metal porticos make the transition between the living room and the terrace, accentuating the feeling of spaciousness of the spaces.

“From the beginning, my clients were clear that they wanted to feel like they were living in a home. Hence the choice of a floor in a strategic location to have the treetops at eye level”, says Fernanda, who, as an additional requirement, remembers the predominance of light tones and just a few touches of color, especially in the furniture.

“My client’s husband is a highly successful businessman. They wanted an apartment to receive friends and, at the same time, accommodate their three children: the two oldest, close in age (14 and 13 years old) and the youngest, 4. Therefore, as a first step, I decided to subdivide the floor plan. in two large areas: the social and intimate areas”, he says.

In practice the heart of the house, the social area functions as a large interconnected body, comprising, in addition to the living room, the barbecue, the dining room, a home theater, as well as a small living room, with just four armchairs, for tasting. of wines. The intimate area has 4 suites and a family room, just for the family, which also functions as a home office.

“The barbecue, which has an electric door for opening and closing, and the dining room are close to the kitchen for more optimized use. The social area is all connected by oak wood lining and travertine wood flooring. But, when we enter the intimate area, the equation is reversed: the floor has an oak covering on the floor as a way of heating the spaces”, describes the architect.

Maintain a neutral and light tone throughout the apartment, vary the textures and identify the environments through strategic points of color. “Without a doubt, the wooden lining was a fundamental element to tie together the decoration”, considers Fernanda. As for colors, the living room and home theater feature the versatile Mondrian sofa, from Italian Poliform, covered in a sand fabric, mixed with gray.

In the living room, the sofa was designed with a larger arm at one end and a smaller arm at the other. In the home theater, the model received a built-in table. Adding color to the space, the Terminal chaise, from B&B appears in anthracite color, while the Papilio armchair, also from B&B, displays a wine tone.

On the central wall, an intense blue canvas by Ana Jobim reinforces the linearity of the environment. While in the dining room, a minimalist lamp by Cypriot designer Michael Anastassiades completes the composition. “He is almost a work of art. In my projects I love mixing codes, discovering poetry in everyday objects”, concludes Fernanda.