After having participated in the Roca “Impressions” project, customizing the Living City basin in 2014, São Paulo-born architect and designer Fernanda Marques collaborates once again with the Spanish brand.

Innovation in ceramics: Fernanda Marques’ first collection of vats

This time, it created its first collection of ceramic bowls, which is called Infinity, and explores the innovative ultra-light technology, developed by the company, which makes it possible to obtain rounded edges and extremely thin walls. “It is a piece with a vigorous design, which creates dynamism and energy, but does not impose itself on the spaces. On the contrary, it harmonizes with them”, summarizes Fernanda.

Between minimalism and dynamism: the art of cubing in the modern world

In addition to allowing the construction of more robust parts, the technology makes it possible to obtain more environmentally friendly and lightweight objects. Therefore, I chose to accentuate the three-dimensionality of the design, at the same time that I sought to highlight the possibilities offered by the raw material”, comments Fernanda, who managed to give her vat the same rigor and minimalism that characterize her architectural and interior projects.

Contrasting well-defined lines and rounded edges, the object gained two versions: one with a soap dish built into the side, and the other with the component emerging from the inside of the tub, with a textured area to prevent the soap from slipping and, at the same time, minimize stains.

Awards and recognition: the excellence of the ‘Infinity’ vat at Expo Revestir 2019

Another reference of the project, the elaborate color study, points to two aspects: the predominance of metallics and the impact created by the contrast of saturated colors and white surfaces. Cuba won the Best In Show award at Expo Revestir 2019.