Integrating all social areas as much as possible, including a large existing terrace, was an objective fully achieved by architect Fernanda Marques, in the renovation of this 330 m2 apartment, in São Paulo. Still, unifying – or not – all spaces is a decision that remains at the discretion of residents. Simply keep the pivot doors permanently open or closed.

Minimalist design favors circulation

“They had some good paintings and objects, as well as a lot of enthusiasm for growing the collection. They found the right architect. I love art and it was with the greatest pleasure that I gave them a hand in this regard”, highlights the architect, who helped the family to create a strong collection, made up of works by artists such as James Kudo, Marcia Xavier, Betina Vaz, Estela Sokol, Guilherme Dable, Arthur Lescher and Laura Vinci, among others.

In order to highlight such a representative collection, some walls were deliberately left bare. “My challenge was to create an interesting dialogue between works of such different styles, exposing them in a way that had autonomy and not merely as one of the items in the composition,” summarizes Fernanda.

With a minimal taste, the interior design invests in good circulation conditions and in spaces only sparsely furnished with iconic pieces of contemporary design, such as the Terminal One chaise, designed by Jean Marei Massaud, the Papilio armchairs, by Naoto Fukasawa and the P22 armchairs by Patrick Norguet.

Among so many points of interest, special attention was dedicated to the lighting design. Through a well-balanced combination of direct and indirect light, the lighting appears to punctuate the works on display, touching the walls, or, sometimes, simply directing the eye to one of the pieces of furniture in the collection.