A house where the feeling of spaciousness manifests itself continuously and permanently. This was the guiding principle of this architecture and interior project led by architect Fernanda Marques to serve a young business couple and their children. Happy inhabitants today of this comfortable property with contemporary lines, with three floors and 1.200 m², located in Alphaville, a residential neighborhood located on the outskirts of the city of São Paulo.

“I focused all my choices on vista this objective”, points out the architect, who from the point of vista construction chose to be distributed over three floors and the abundant distribution of terraces along the entire length of the top floor, in order to open the vista to the beautiful landscape that opens up from the hill where the property is located. “As for the interiors, I imagined large spaces, developed in continuity, without partitions”, he says.

Thus, on the ground floor, Fernanda concentrated a living room, fireplace room, dining room, home-theater and lunch room, as well as a kitchen, office, wine cellar with compartments at different temperatures, cloakroom, toilets and servants’ quarters. An invitation to leisure, a large swimming pool opens onto the front terrace. At the top, there is the intimate area of ​​the house, made up of three suites connected to terraces and a family room and at the bottom, a garage, storage room and a small workshop.

Contemporary, art and design in interiors

Contemporary, like the construction itself, art and design blend in the design of the interiors, creating a relaxed, but no less sophisticated, ambiance. “I tried to create a kind of internal topography, with furniture presented in a solution of continuity and with small variations in height, almost at floor level”, explains the architect who, in addition to major international brands, equipped the house with her creations, such as her stainless steel benches.

Common to all environments, the increased ceiling height is one of the project’s biggest attractions. Especially in the living room, which has double height ceilings. “In this project, natural lighting is present in all spaces, but never directly. There are very specific light situations, derived from the shape of the building and the design solutions”, says Fernanda, highlighting the facades equipped with aluminum louvres, in a continuous line.

Fundamental in achieving the lighting conditions desired by the architect, the choice of coverings (both external and external) favored neutral tones with an emphasis on white and sand; present, for example, in the limestone and limestone on the floors, in the white acrylic paint on the walls and in the wooden panels with walnut veneer. Deep indigo blue, the pool acts as a counterpoint. “But without causing major disruptions”, concludes Fernanda.