A refuge where a young couple of collectors and their two children could relax, live in harmony with their collection of works of art and design and, at the same time, feel at home, in the heart of London.

Here, in summary, is the program that Brazilian architect Fernanda Marques received from the owners of this property, located at one end of a quiet square, in one of the most central – and currently, cosmopolitan – neighborhoods in London, Belgravia.

A mix of home and art gallery

“I carried out retrofit work on a three-story penthouse. My clients insisted on having ideal conditions for displaying their consistent collection of art and furniture. My biggest challenge was finding the balance point between it, designer furniture with such a prominent sculptural profile, and the everyday life of a home”, says Fernanda.

More than any other, the project required the architect to carry out an accurate study of the materials and colors used in the interiors, in order to guarantee a sufficient number of free walls, as well as large and bright spaces.

Contrary to the original configuration of the property – characterized by divisions between private and common areas – the interiors were redesigned as large connected spaces, restricting the use of doors to only what is essential.

Thus, the first floor received two suites – including the couple’s – and had its acoustic insulation conditions improved. In between, there is the social area of ​​the house itself, with a home theater, children’s suite and a guest suite. On the roof, kitchen, dining and living.

As this is an art collecting couple – owners, among others, of works by artists such as Adriana Varejão and Zhang Huan – the entire lighting project received great attention.

The natural light, filtered through the windows that open directly onto the square, contributes to the creation of a continuous space, practically uninterrupted from one room to another, where coexistence with the couple’s vigorous collection of works of art and design can be enjoyed. makes it unique and truly intimate.