Curves, arches, rounded edges and so many other perspectives that decide to break with the linear. Once again, organic shapes gain space in our interiors and in furniture design in general. Attentive to the movement, Fernanda Marques, who in her design seeks not to make distinctions between abstract geometrism and the openly figurative, turns her eyes to nature, when designing the series of tables Galhos.

A collection that, initially developed to compose the showcase of Breton, in its new showroom in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, gradually gained autonomy, becoming another member of the furniture line signed by her for the Brazilian brand. “Suggest branches that gently bend over and touch the surface of a river,” says the designer, describing her primordial inspiration.

Thus, executed in metal, and subjected to modeling and development in 3D – to reproduce the sticks as real as possible, and still offer necessary conditions of stability -, the legs of the furniture, cast iron, finished in aged gold, have an irregular design in all its extension and thickness, only tangential dense fused glass tops.

To further instigate the imagination, as well as the branches, which refer directly to nature, the glass tops were designed to suggest aquatic surfaces. From puddles to lakes, depending on the observer, referring to the element water. “In short, I tried to print an organic rhythm to the furniture, with the legs suggesting solidity and the tops, lightness, movement. Although from an inverted perspective”, concludes Fernanda.