We are on one of the most charming and trendy streets in São Paulo: Oscar Freire, in the Jardins neighborhood. Home to a young couple, and their three-year-old daughter, who, from the beginning, knew exactly what they wanted in terms of the interiors of their home. “An efficient proposal in operation and with a strong identity”, says architect Fernanda Marques, author of the project for this 400 m² apartment

Spaces between the living room and the office elegantly delimited

“She is entrepreneurial, independent. He sells helicopters and planes. I felt there was room for a more radical intervention”, says Fernanda, who based the project on a large difference in level between the environments that make up the social area of ​​the house: the living/dining room and the office/home office. “In a subtle way, the relegation delimits the two sectors, but without giving up sobriety and elegance”, she comments.

A kind of scenic stage, with gray as its chromatic base, present in the coverings and upholstery, the social area concentrates true gems in terms of art and design: black and white photo by Balleister, intense red canvas by Gabriela Costa, engravings by Barsotti, wall sculpture by Marcelo Silveira, photos by Luc Bresson and a Red armchair, by Fernando and Humberto Campana. Among other noteworthy pieces.

Having considered the social part of the house, all the architect’s attention turned to the intimate area of ​​the house, which connects to the central sector through a large corridor that leads to the suite of the couple, Bia, and the couple’s future daughter. In them, the gentle rhythm of the decoration is maintained. Everything is very clean, with materials that are pleasant to the touch and light tones. “To please everyone”, summarizes Fernanda.