In line with the aspirations of its owners, a basic parameter guided the design of this farmhouse, located in Porto Feliz, São Paulo: creating a country house that would maximize its integration with the landscape. Preferably, through a light structure, with large openings and a glazed surface.

Exclusive architecture

Thus, an architecture emerged that differentiates itself from the others around it, due to its contemporary language and structural boldness. With 700m² and a metal structure, the house follows the shape of the land. The environments, in turn, were distributed in such a way that they all offer vista to the lake and golf course.

Throughout the entire length of the facade, nothing interrupts the sequence of sliding panels. Few and refined materials, such as wood, stones and glass reaffirm the essentiality of the project, which at dusk becomes completely permeable to the vista: a large light box reflected in the waters of the pool.

From the point of vista of architecture, special attention was given to the design of the visible pillars, with the aim of giving greater lightness to the project. In it, two volumes are striking: the main one, where the social area, kitchen and the couple’s suite are located, and the side one, with 4 suites for guests.

Given the abundant incidence of natural light, during most of the day, the project provided most of the environments with overhead lighting, while the cross ventilation system, implemented throughout the social area, combined with the total opening of the frames, integrating the interior space with the outside, it created excellent ventilation conditions.