Completed in 2009, this 800m² duplex apartment, designed in São Paulo for a young and enterprising businessman, seeks to invest in innovative and technological solutions. On the lower floor, the emphasis was on enhancing the social spaces in order to provide the greatest possible integration between the environments, as happens with the gourmet kitchen, which was open to the dining room. Likewise, the stairs and elevator shaft that access the upper floor were made of glass, with the aim of integrating the living room with the home theater and the outdoor area, where we have a bold swimming pool, also built in glass, from of numerous superstructure and load resizing studies.

Details in clear glass and automated lights give the project an air of modernity

The elevator shaft and the clear glass staircase steps were also two major challenges of the project. The upper floor also features a clear glass walkway, supported by a metal structure covered in stainless steel. In the home theater, on the lower floor, the technology is present on a wall of approximately 6m linear, equipped with a touchscreen video wall in its entirety.

On the upper floor, we also have the master suite, the other bedrooms and a fitness room with ultra-modern equipment. The master suite was privileged with vista to the pool. The master bath was also expanded, being transformed into a shower room. On the external terrace, we proposed a metal roof with retractable glass, which, even when closed, allows the spaces to be flooded with light. The lighting project used moldings, illuminated curtains and lamps embedded in the plaster ceiling, to provide homogeneous and well-distributed light. In relation to furniture, the idea was to have pieces with a striking design, but which were, at the same time, capable of harmonizing with the whole. Following the project, we opted for larger furniture, paintings and equipment, proportional to the size of the spaces, with straight and contemporary lines, hence the option for Italian design furniture. Leather, velvet, metal and glass predominate. Among the highlights, pieces purchased at auction in NY, such as the Campana Brothers armchair and the curved stainless steel armchair by designer Ron Arad.

In short, it is an essentially contemporary project, which features a cutting-edge automation system, including automated lights, oriented according to daylight: at dusk, with lights turning on automatically, according to programming; avoiding energy waste.