An apartment by vista. The owner of this duplex apartment purchased it for vista and the luminosity that the double height provides to the space. However, it was an apartment with many uneven levels and the usual maximum integration of environments, characteristic of Fernanda Marques’ projects, found it a challenge to overcome a very limiting initial structure.

An architectural project that highlights natural light

Natural light was an element that greatly favored the integration of the environments. Its wide dissemination was privileged by the use of white marble as a floor finish, which gave the project an image of a white apartment.

To serve the client, with a more classic language, and Fernanda, with a more contemporary language, a mix of trends was created, quite harmonious, whether in the furniture and objects, as well as in the contrast between white and darker prominent elements.

The program included a guest room for the owner to welcome her son and a room for her grandchildren who visit her frequently.

The main suite has the privilege of the much desired vista and turns to the double right foot. It opens, therefore, to the light that is the architectural material in this project, and bathes the other environments.